Fast As Study Techniques (FAST)

Get your hands dirty with some rapid-fire modules on studying faster. This course has minimal theory so that you can get going as quickly as possible.

Course duration: 1 to 2 hours
Ideal for: Beginners

Fast As Study Techniques
Course duration:2 hours
Recommended over:As needed
Suitable for:Beginners
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By the end of this course, you will:

  1. Learn some very basic theory and how this is applied to highly practical and actionable study techniques
  2. Develop an appreciation for more advanced techniques and deeper theory (hopefully)
  3. Learn to overcome several of the most common difficulties faced by students
  4. Improve your studying ability to get better grades with less effort
Dr Justin Sung - Academic Coach and Founder of Finding Gravity

Dr Justin Sung

Academic Coach, Founder of Finding Gravity

Justin is a medical doctor, published research author, certified teacher and founder of JTT and Finding Gravity. He combines a thorough understanding of research with high volumes of experience to shape his coaching expertise. In his personal academic life, Justin has achieved within the top 1% and for nearly 10 years, he has assisted thousands of students to academic success. He works with schools, government organisations and businesses around New Zealand and Australia to deliver courses on living and learning efficiently.

This course is designed to augment academic curricula. It will be easier if you are currently studying something or have access to resources that you can study, e.g. course guides, textbooks, etc.

It features:

  • Videos
  • Text passages

Downloadable PDF's, exercises and drills, further readings, checkpoints and challenges have been removed from this Level 0 course.

Ratings and Reviews

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Alan Wong
Posted 8 months ago
Great course!

I really appreciated that I went through this course. I had learned an overview of an efficient and effective learning process which is extremely beneficial to me. This is because I have more time to do extracurricular activities! I look forward to applying this method to learning outside of University studies aswell.

Aldric Khoo
Posted 10 months ago
Short & Sharp

This course was super easy to follow, but actually even easier to take action. It was straight to the point, especially useful if have gaps in your study methods - no matter your experience. My highlight was the 3 level system used as it gave me a clean, solid framework to hang my ideas on. Really helpful and would recommend this if you are looking for easy, actionable steps to study efficiently!

Ashley Pereira
Posted 10 months ago
Clearly taught and easy to follow

This course is great when you're just starting out or already an experienced learner. I really like the teaching style and how it was divided into 3 different levels of difficulty/expertise and how it focused on alot of wide-arching yet very relevant and understandable concepts that could be applied to alot of different things.

Jonathan Lo
Posted 10 months ago
Consistency is key

I strongly recommend every student to take this course and take it seriously. The study methods taught in FAST are incredibly valuable; my study efficiency went up so much by just applying three pre-study techniques! One advice from me is to be consistent and don't give up halfway through. I can assure you that FAST will completely change your thoughts on how to study 🙂 10/10!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
Fast As Study Techniques
Course duration:2 hours
Recommended over:As needed
Suitable for:Beginners
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